Thursday, December 17, 2009

holiday scenes & a snow party

The kids tree...loving the candy ornaments from Domestic Bliss.

my favorite ornaments made of thread.

Since it doesn't snow here we thought that we should have a "snow party" that included a fluffy white blanket, white yogurt balls, snow angels & dancing.  It was a hit.  

Of course re-used all of the things that were made for Blissfest.
This year it was a very simple paper holiday. I think next year
we will only do a few twigs and a few ornaments though.

The holiday glass ball collection is almost complete. I like this one
best because it will probably stay up all year. When I tried to explain
to the clerk @ Goodwill what I would be using all of these old lighting
fixtures for, she got a weird look on her face. I kind of like it though
because it adds a little architectural it was cost effective.

Now it is time to clean up clean up everybody clean up.

I am extra motivated today because I am obsessed with my
new cleaning supplies. They smell so good. Look @ that packaging.

P.S. - My camera is back just in time for the holidays


Jessica said...

The J.R. Watkins makes sinful body products, as well! Their meyer lemon scent is so fantastic - I hide it from everyone and only use it on special occasions because I don't want anyone to steal it! haha Love Meyer's, as well. Yummy smelling stuff!


Sarah's Fab Day said...

Your house looks lovely! I love the mulitcolored stuff. The chicks at Goodwill don't always get why your'e buying something I've found. I think often they wonder, "why is she buying all this junk?"

Amanda said...

Your home looks lovely! And what a super-fantastic-mom idea to have a 'snow party'!

I think I must check out these cleaning products! Anything to make me desire cleaning is a gift from the tidy home God's. Lol.

Random question... what shade/paint brand/color of gray is that in the background behind the cleaning products? I'm searching for a good charcoal gray but am HORRIBLE with paint choices.

nest of posies said...

love both trees. and i love that paper chain - too! i just knew your trees would be fantastic.! :)
i know you are a happy girl with your camera fixed. it's even better then having a new outfit - huh?!?! :)

Unknown said...

love the trees, everything really. the kids tree is so fun though. my kids would love it.

Laura said...

What a fun party!

Love your ornaments and your house looks amazing and oh so festive.

Totally digging your glass ball collection.

And I'm SO glad your camera is fixed.

bazaarofserendipity said...

your house looks gorgeous :)

where did u find the cabnet under the tv?? LOVE

 Viv said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Your home looks lovely too with all the decorations.

I hope you have a great Christmas with your family :)

Marketing Unscrambled, Home edition said...

What a fun time all of you had with your snow party.

Love the look of the globs, so what that the clerk did not get it-we do and it is great.

Watkins products are good. Have fun cleaning.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Jami said...

The ball thing is brillant! Ah, where do you come from...plant creative awesome?

Alexa Mae said...

i LOVE your house. and those kids sure do make some cute decorations!

where did you get those cleaning supplies? they are so darling.

Debbie said...

You found your globe balls!! It all looks so fun and festive. Wish we could have been there for the snow party!!

Melanie said... my cute blocks that I made you totally don't match your decor!! :-( So sorry!!

Melanie said...

P.S. - Love the snow party idea. Don't think my older boys would enjoy it though. Keep doing the fun things with the kids while they are little and don't know any better!! LOL

Whitney said...

I may have just died from all your wonderful decorations. Your house looks fantastic!!!

Full House said...

Whitney, pls. don't die before the holidays are over.

Mel - oh those cute blocks fit into the decor just fine. In fact, my girls were so obsessed with them that they are sitting in their room on one of their shelves. thank you so much!


Unknown said...

I love your rug in your living room where did you find it!?

Full House said...

Erin, the rug is a very old Pottery Barn purchase.


Sarah said...

i really love your white paper chains. Beautiful tree and home!

SnowWhite said...

Quick question I've been wondering, how did you attach the sunburst type mirrors you made to the wall? I saw them before on your site but didn't know how to hang them non permanently.

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to ask you this since I saw this post last year, but where did you find your christmas tree? It is artificial right? I love it!! hope you have a sec to get back to me!
Project K