Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Still thinking about green & projects

Still speaking of green...did you catch Paula's tutorial over on Two Ellie for bringing in some beautiful green color? If you didn't well what are you waiting for?  Go here to hop on over & to be delighted by some great posts.  I can't wait to to give this project a try.

{photo via Two Ellie}

Speaking of more projects, I really enjoyed reading through House Beautiful's 101 Ideas for updating your home with the changing seasons. Below are a list of a few that I may just want to try around my home.

"Buy ceiling drapery track and the least expensive linen you can find and drape all the walls. White linen in a bedroom, a darker color in a dining room. It smooths everything out and feels moody and interesting. You can even hang art from chains on top of it." -
Betsy Brown

"Paint all the terra-cotta pots on your balcony or terrace with a polyurethane stain in high-gloss black or brown. They'll look like Chinese porcelain by the time you're finished." -Randall Beale
Pictured, Martha Stewart Colors French Bulldog Black MS025

"Add a glass top to a table for a more sophisticated look. You can put fabric or wallpaper underneath, or even paint the underside of the glass to give it a little more jazz." -Kendall Wilkinson
Pictured, Tsang, to the trade. Allan Knight: 214-741-2227;

"I have replaced all my old cleaning products with Method's aromatic, environmentally friendly line. My favorite tub and tile spray comes in an ergonomically correct pale blue bottle and smells delightful. In fact, all of the bottles are attractive and look great on a pantry shelf." -Milly De Cabrol

"Make tableskirts for your end tables in some offbeat color, with a contrasting flange at the bottom. If your tables are round, put a square piece of plywood on top before you start. Square just feels more contemporary." -Marcy Masterson
Pictured, fabrics by Peter

"Line the backs of your shelves with has all sorts of colors and weaves. I've used it in kitchens and bathrooms. It gives a little depth and texture, and anything you put in front of it looks great." -Meg Braff

"Go to Home Depot, buy a length of crown molding at least two inches deep, and nail it to the wall to create a picture ledge. I'd do it in a family space, like a kitchen or a hallway. Buy standard frames and pop in your children's art or family photos and change it around every few weeks." -Suzanne Lovell

"Experiment with different lightbulbs in your sconces and chandeliers. Instead of the traditional flame tip, try using clear Edison bulbs. Ditch the shades for a more modern look." -Philip Gorrivan

"Buy inexpensive ribbon by the roll and glue-gun it as a border around the room, outlining each wall and running it up and down the corners. Works equally well over paint or fabric or wallpaper." -Robin Bell

"If you have something — a lamp, a table, even a chair — with great shape but not quite enough dash, take it to your framer and have them gild it." -Jeffry Weisman

"Hang art in surprising locations, like over a door or above a tall cabinet or on the pilasters of a bookcase." -Nancy Boszhardt

"Buy a bunch of those battery-operated LED Everywhere lights for only $8.99 each. They're like little hockey pucks, with adhesive on the back. Put them under a console table, on top of a bookcase, or use them to backlight some interesting object on a shelf." -Libby Cameron

For the full list of ideas go to House Beautiful right here.

Any projects out there that you have on your list that I should know about????  Pls feel free to share.


paula said...

so excited about being part of such a wonderful post. Glad you liked it:)

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh fun list! Plus thanks for the great heads up on Paula's post! I totally missed it!!!

Ange said...

I just found your blog & have spent the last hour reading all of your posts with a cup of tea in hand! You are a beautiful person & I'm inspired by your love for the details in life & how you're raising your adorable kiddies!

Ms. Bright said...

I loved that post that Paula did!! I'm really enjoying your blog via So Pickin' Cute!

nest of posies said...

l-o-v-e the idea in the first pic. so simple but brings color for the dull winter season ahead. love the idea of painting all the terracota pots black as well.

my *projects* for this week is to organize all my wrapping paper & accessories. {*hopefully*} i hate when the time comes to wrap all the presents & things are all over the place. (i guess, this gives you a real glimspe inside my un-organized home. :)

i hope you have a lovely day.

Marketing Unscrambled, Home edition said...

Those are very helpful tips on easy ways to make the home come to life and not spend much in the doing of it.

Great post. They are getting even better as time goes by. Well done.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"