Tuesday, November 17, 2009

{beautiful knots}

So my little girl loves to tie everything in knots.  Last night as I sat in my chair she came over & gave me some love as she caressed my face and told me I was the prettiest mom (they learn early).  When I got up I heard a big rrrriiipp as I couldn't move away from my chair very easily because a tie from my dress was connected to the chair.  "It's those darn knots she ties" I thought.  I really did not have any recollection of her tying me up to the chair.  I was a little perturbed but then the below image came into my mind.

It's all made from knots.  Now if only I could guide all of her knot tying energy to help her to make something beautiful.   Hmmm just maybe I will.  Isn't life just like a bunch of knots anyway and if we can learn to make something beautiful from all of them then we'll be just fine, right?  So today I am celebrating all of the knots life gives me.

If you know anybody who has a knot tying problem or just merely wants to learn how to make a beautiful flower...like, say to embellish things for Christmas stuff, then may I suggest going here


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh so cute! You must totally teach her how to make those beautiful knots so can go all out!

Laura said...

My 4 year old is the one who ties knots in our household. Once again you have me looking at it more postive. Next time we're late to church I'll smile as we're all untying every pair of church shoes we own. Thanks! :-)

sarah ann said...

Darling! Your blog is wonderful!

mamacita said...

I've never heard of another kid who did that. When my son was 4-5, he used to tie long strings of things together -- the dining chairs to each other, and to the table, and to anything else that would stand still long enough... We spent hours trying to get it all undone. Annoying at the time, but it makes me smile now.