Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Las Vegas..viva full house style

You know the saying, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"...well not in this case. I brought it all home with me 2 girls & a husband in tow.

All I have to say is good thing husband ate 10 plates of food @ the seafood buffet (in which he took his merry old time finishing I may add) because he needed all that food to make him strong. Little did husband know but he would need all of his strength to rush two little girls off a crime scene on the Las Vegas strip. "The crime", you say....Treasure Island changed their pirate show. No more little family friendly pirate stunt show. With the girls hoisted up onto our shoulders, we stood there waiting patiently for the show to begin all while packed into a tight little crowd. It was earlier in the evening & I had everything planned out. Early dinner, hit the pirate show, the volcano, Belagio water show & then back to our non-LV strip hotel with plenty of time to swim before bed. Surely we would be safe from any foul scenes because it was only 7pm & the kids (or parents) would love all of this free entertainment...not so much. We made as far as the first 2 minutes into the apparently new & changed pirate show before we realized all of our Las Vegas dreams (haha) were going to be crushed right there within the first 10 minutes of arrival. Apparently in the new pirate show the pirates were really lonely & needed some lady friends if you know what I mean. The whole show was cheesy & a party foul if you ask me & thats even if we didn't have under-agers in our party. Well it didn't matter that we were packed into the crowd like a can of sardines because there was no getting in husbands way as he forged a little path for his precious little chicks to high tail it back to the chariot. I could hardly keep up & that is the reason for all of the blurry photos as I tried to document a protective Dad in action.

Lesson learned though...outside of Circus Circus there is a reason why there are hardly any kids in sight on the Las Vegas strip...no matter what time of the day and if I can save anybody from wasting their time, energy & eyes from seeing the new pirate show that used to not be so bad..then mission accomplished. Or was the old pirate show really any good? After all I am trying to recall events that happened 7+ years ago & I'll admit my little brain isn't as crisp as it used to be pre-kids, I mean I think I used to also think the buffets were good too. Man, things have changed.
The below is a common sight to behold. Little girls love their Dad.

Couldn't get out of there fast enough but we've finally made it to the car.

Husband made us get out to observe the progress on the bridge that will soon change the travels over Hoover Dam as we know it. It's a part of history his says because 20 years from now when the girls travel to Las Vegas they would not even remember the old route. I wish I were better @ being more sentimental as husband. If it were up to him we would have a history tour every time we travelled up to see Grandma & Papa. He especially loves any historical sights that have to do with Butch Cassidy..I know go figure.

Have I mentioned how much I do love the Arizona State flag?

Glad that we got to go but glad to be back home.


KatieJ said...

Bummer about the pirate show- I've never heard of it but after my first trip there with my husband this year I am quite sure I don't want to go back with the kids! (and I think I could live the rest of my life without going back myself and be perfectly happy!)

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Ted and I were saying the same thing about The Hoover Dam. It was my first time seeing it, and the last time before the new route is in place. The building of the bridge was insane!

Those photos of your girls with your hubby are presh...

Loved this post!

nest of posies said...

i hate that your trip didn't turn out as planned! that is always the worse. i've only been through vegas driving in route to TN from SoCal. during the DAY, to boot. (if that's not the most boring time to drive through.)

i think your pics still turned out great. they always do!

Shannon said...

Your girls look so precious in their little outfits. Sorry that the show has changed. Too bad. I remember going to LV about 7 years ago. Whew!
I tired of it after 2 days for sure. But I won $300!

The Hoover Dam story is a good one but yes. Reminds me of the "Cars" movie....the story of a once traveled road.
-Shannon in Austin :)

Debbie said...

That reminded me of the first time we took you kids to NY. It seemed like around every corner was an inappropriate poster or scene. Must admit it was much more enjoyable years later. We must have been in the wrong area of town the first time.

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

Alas, this is why I'll never live in Las Vegas. My husband is from there and a proponent, but I hate how dirty the city is.

Whitney said...

SO am I totally out of the loop? Whats going on at the hoover dam? Glad you guys had fun!

Laura said...

The pirate show! So funny because the exact same thing happened to us! We were there when Las Vegas was trying for the family friendly thing and my boys loved the pirates. We went back a few years later with little ones in tow & nieces. Of course we got there early for a front row looksee and whoa had it changed!! We tried to take the kids out, but by the time we had made it through the crowd they had seen way too much. The whole time I kept muttering, please don't take your clothes off, please don't take your clothes off. I thought for sure those sirens were going to bust loose. Whew! :-)

Annie said...

So where were the 3 amigos? Back home missing out on the pirate show. Bummer.

I love how Way-Way is so sentimental about things. Good daddy too.

Vegas is not even cool anymore...for anyone. At least you got an educational visit to the Hoover Dam out of it.

sherry said...

It really did change recently, I want to say five years ago? There is a reason for the tagline.(what happens in Vegas...you know the one)It used to be more kid friendly. O.K it was never SUPER kid friendly but you used to be able to bring kids if you planned on it. So sad! Because if it is no place to bring kids, it is really no fun for adults like us even by ourselves. Sad. Good thing your girlies have a daddy to protect them. I have lots of questions about your Fall decor. I will have to e mail you.

Eventuallysusan said...

Love your blog and would also like to talk to you. Can you email me at susan.felt@arizonarepublic.com? Thanks

Great shots of dad w/ little girls in tow.