Monday, September 28, 2009

{friend & photographer}

Thought I'd share....

I have this brilliant friend name Michelle who came up with a brilliant idea....she is offering FREE shoots to ANY engaged couple that requests it... that's right folks... F-R-E-E, free! No obligations to buy anything and in exchange for your time she will provide you with (1) 8x10; if you would like more of the photos from your session she is also offering 50% off any product, print or disc of images.

Just another thought but family Christmas pictures are around the corner. Michelle also designs some pretty neat cards. Go
here for more details.

Did I mention that Michelle is a really great friend as well.  Anyway she is.  She has come to my rescue on many occasion & offered her when somebody asked me to take their engagement photos when I clearly am not a photographer & then Michelle came to help me out.  Michelle everybody would be so lucky to have a friend like you.  If you have a need for having any sort of event captured via photos I clearly suggest hopping over to check Michelle out over @ Sweet Moments Design.  


Debbie said...

Great pictures Michelle!! You have a wonderful talent and are so willing to share with everyone.

Annie said...

She's got terrific style and composition...truly a great eye and photographer. I wish she was my friend. I'll settle for family pics next time I'm in AZ though. She's great.