Monday, June 8, 2009

Pen Pals & Photographs

What ever happened to a good old fashioned pen pal? My sister sent a beautiful package in the mail the other day and included was letters written to the girls by their cousin. They were so excited for me to read & then re-read the letters to them. It brought back memories of all of the old school pen pals I used to have growing up. I guess I am a little nostalgic when it comes to times gone by. How did we ever survive without the internet, email & cell phones? I sort of miss those days but obviously appreciate technology as I am using it this very second. Well today we decided to forge a friendship with our cousin via the Postal Service. I found these cute mini envelopes on Etsy with mini butterflies to fill them with. The girls even colored mini pictures and wrote a few words.  

Speaking of old school I really want to bust out our film camera and learn to work that baby.  I was able to go to a class offered by Nicole this last weekend with my Momma.   What I like about her photography is how clean, fresh & classic it looks.  Nothing is really altered that much and she does not use actions.  I hope to learn the language of my camera like that someday.  Anyway a piece of the homework that was given was called a day in the life of_________.  I started today by filling in that blank with a vintage green swim cap.  I had to carry my camera with me all day and take photos of it where ever I went.  I even have some pics of the green cap on the floor of my kitchen right where the girls took it off and left it.  It was much harder than I thought it would be, especially when I tried to photograph myself in it.  For now I will just be happy with the small progress I've made even if it is no where close to where I want to be.  Not too bad for just a stock camera & lens though.  At least the subject matter is good. Photos straight up manual from my camera (except for a little cropping action)so beware.

Dear Mr. Postman,

Pls. bring me a couple new lenses & a flash.  
I don't have much money but I am familiar with the Secret,
so I am sending this out into the universe.
That is it for now.



Does anybody believe in the Secret anyway?  Well it's OK to dream, right?

Help, sister where are you when I need you?  Can you tell one of my girls likes to pose a little more than the other?



Marketing Unscrambled, Home edition said...

Nice post. It is nice to have pen pals. The photos are wonderful. You are doing fine, keep it up.
Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

paula said...

These turned out amazing! Love the swim cap. I would love to do a class with her, but alas its a bit far.

Aimee's Family Journal said...

My goodness. I laugh at your sense of humor. I love you Christina. You are so darn witty, and great. I love reading your thoughts.

Debbie said...

where did you get such beautiful models??? and where were they when we were snapping photos of some unknown girls....I may have actually taken a few more pictures if they had been there!!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

That makes me want to start a pen pal thing on my blog. Anyone who wants to can sign up. That would be cute :)

I love your blog. It's uh-mazing.

Amanda said...

I still love to get "snail" mail. My older kids love getting mail...even if it is just from mom. Love the super cute pics with the green swim cap. We hoping to get to Richfield over the 4th to see you guys - maybe we could BBQ with some of the old gang?

angela hardison said...

Thanks for your sweet comment - ditto back to you on everything you said. Loved meeting you as well.

The photos are looking good! And yes, I TOTALLY believe in The Secret. It works :)

Whitney said...

isnt fathers day coming up? You should get one for waylon and then use it... Maren is quite the little model. Im surprised Maile stood still long enough for you take a picture. Both Darling girls for sure. P.s did I ask if you could make Presley a headband for her blessing or am I imagining it? If I am imagining it, could you? A pretty white lacey, flower one?

Mary said...

cute cute pictures sissy! I like the swim cap!

Annie said...

Oh my goodness, we are so excited to get your mail!!! I just knew we could reinvent pen-palling.

I'm so thrilled that you and Mom were able to take a digital photography class. Way to take the moment and go with it.

Both of your girls are darling in the swim hat...and yes, Maren is the poser. You can't blame Maile for not wanting to be in front of the camera. It's scary being the center of attention that way. May I remind you of a little Sundance Catalog photo shoot years ago? :)

Cheryl said...

How fun to take a photography class with your mom. I would like to take a class too. Maren is quite the little model posing with that adorable green swim cap. The photos turned out great!

Laura said...

I'm so jealous that you got to take a class with Nicole!
I'm hoping she'll do an Oregon class :-) I'm looking forward to her online classes!
Great photos BTW. Your kids are so cute. And you are so right about penpals. Good for you!

flyfishingak said...

Tell your girls to give the swim cap back to Waylan before he starts to miss it.. The pictures were way cute...