Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Laughter and the adventures of Abigail & Moo Moo...

The look on my little girls face says it all.

As you can see she wasn't so much a fan of Space Mountain. It's possible we could chalk up her dissatisfaction of S.M. to the fact that she barely even met the height requirements to ride on it in the first place. I sort of can't believe I let my four year old even get on my favorite Disneyland ride. In fact, I can't even believe I bought the above picture they try and sell for $16 buck-a-roos. It has almost paid itself off though, with the laughter that follows every time I pull it out for my viewing pleasure. Does that make me a bad Mom? Perhaps this isn't the time either to mention that I find things that aren't supposed to be humorous, well just that, humorous. For example when I was growing up I started having laughing problems during prayers whether they were in the home or @ church. For some strange reason when I knew I wasn't supposed to be laughing it made me laugh even harder. It seriously became sort of a problem @ times. Then in more recent times I found the part on the movie Meet Joe Black where Brad Pitt's character is hit by a bus pure comedy. I'm pretty sure the intentions of the movie makers were not to make a comedy but what makes it worse is that we had to rewind it and watch that part over and over again. I guess a weird sense of humor must run in my family because my sister was the one who actually hit the rewind button but I laughed so hard until my stomach hurt. 

Well I'm kind of glad I can laugh at things that might not seem very funny to the average person. I've even actually learned to use this laughter thing to my advantage these days. It's either that or cry.  Some of my most recent laughter came from the following:

"Oh little mister peed on the floor again, that is hilarious"
"Look the other little mister just scratched his swim teachers face off, oh how funny!"
"Oh goody the third little mister just broke my favorite piece of coral and snagged my silk comforter, teehee"

You get the idea.

So let's keep it real I wasn't laughing that hard.  That's just it though life is hard sometimes and without a sense of humor I don't know where I would be & that makes me feel just fine about my laughing problems.

Well onto the next item of business...when I was putting my girls to bed last night they informed me that they wanted to change their names to Abigail & Moo Moo.  I'm not so sure where they got the idea but without further ado I'm proud to present the latest and greatest adventures of Abigail & Moo Moo........




Last year Captain Hook almost sent little M over the edge but this year she was waiting all day for him to make his appearance.  I was so surprised @ how much they loved all the characters that were dressed up.  Goofy kind of ticked us off though.  He was too good for his shoes this year.  Disneyland truly is a happy place.  I used to like the tea cups but they made me a little woozy (refer above).  As always the beach makes our family very happy.  Makes husband reflect on the good ol' days of surfing.


Marketing Unscrambled, Home edition said...

That looked to be so much fun. Great photos. Have a good day.
Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Debbie said...

Abigail and Moo Moo??? So who is who?? (I'll bet they got those names from Baca's magical made up names when he tells his stories)

PS( you forgot to mention all of the times you laughed when you were about to get spanked!!)

Cheryl said...

Looks like you had a wonderful vacation in California. I love all the great pictures. Remember the last trip to Disneyland. It always makes me laugh when I think of it. The beach looks so peaceful and makes me want to walk barefoot in the sand. I think I need a trip to the beach!

Aislinn said...

Love that first picture of "abigail & moo moo" right outside disneyland. Actually, all your vaca photos are great!

Laughter really is the best medicine.

Lisa Harris said...

I miss you guys:)

Mary said...

That was a pretty funny post! I can't believe you took Maile on Space Mountain! That is so funnY! Her face is priceless!

Annie said...

Okay the whole laughing at inappropriate times is true (and the picture IS funny!). I can't tell you how many comedy central family prayers we had growing up. Once you started to laugh, we all fell in sync. The Joe Black thing is totally Liza's doing. I think she originally found it funny while watching it with Candice Johnson. She had to show us how funny it was when a man got hit and killed by a bus and well, we're from the same DNA, of course it was hilarious.
I'm glad I don't have to have a sense of humor about my kids breaking or ruining my stuff. My solution has been to not buy anything decorations or lovely things for my house at all...although I have to admit, lack of a cute house is not completely a disaster prventative measure but rather because right now I have no decorating sense and so I'm waiting to hire you.
Abigail and Moo Moo look like they had a wonderful time. I bet they felt so special just the two of them with no pesky boys to get in the way.

Annie said...

why am i just discovering your blog? where have i been?
all i have to say is your family is beautiful, za-zoo girl! i can relate though, it does suck to be a supermodel.

p.s. i'm pretty sure i saw meet joe black in the THEATRE (lame) with Liza and lost it when he got hit by the car. Like popcorn came shooting out my nose!

Annie said...

i love uncle jesse

Courtney Vance said...

I love little M's face on magic mountain. That was totally worth $16! And about Meet Joe Black, I watched it with Dan the first time he'd ever seen it and laughed so hard and had to rewind it twice. So it totally runs in the family. You guys are a bunch of sickos. I'm just kidding. I laughed too and I love you guys to death.