Sunday, November 23, 2008

This week my girls were very fascinated by crickets. We had one that sang for three nights in a row. My girls could hardly sleep because they wanted to go on a hunt to find Mr. Cricket (he was a Mr. you know because only the male cricket can make a noise to sing). The next day I have never seen two girls more excited to tell their Dad about the crickets. I thought, "Wow, if only I could find something like those crickets to get excited about". Then the next day...

I got on the phone for 2 minutes only to hang up and find the boys in the one and only room they are forbidden from. I usually am OCD with doors being shut in my house as you can imagine a pack of boys or a baby gang on exploration expeditions. Well apparently the bathroom door had been opened by one of the girls in my band and she not only forgot to shut the door but she forgot flush the toilet. You pretty much know the rest of the story...
Mom turns back for 2 minutes,
Boys bathroom radar goes off,
Boys give each other the gang sign,
Boys cruise to the bathroom,
Boys think yellow toilet water is pretty,
Boys put all 6 hands in and splash around,
Mom finds boys having the best time of their lives,
Mom trying to decide if she is mad, sicked-out, or wants to get camera because if you can't win, then join in.

(I'll post real picture later, camera difficulties)

Honestly I've never seen these kids have more fun. Now if only I could get excited about something as simple as crickets or playing in beautiful yellow toilet water. I used to get really excited about the ice in Basha's fountain drinks but I don't drink much carbonation anymore so that couldn't be my simple pleasure. What could it be then? I was bound and determined to find at least one simple thing to get excited about this week. I really was trying to let my kids help me rediscover how to live my life. Time was running out, the week was winding down as the calender flipped to Friday, I had to find something joyous fast. That's when it happened. I went to fill my car up @ Chevron (I have a thing for Chevron gas) and as I looked @ the price I almost jumped for joy when I saw that the price had dropped under two dollars. Seriously I almost smiled out loud (or something like that). To think it almost happened naturally and may not have even happened if I didn't have my kids to teach me how to live better and find joy in the simple things.



Whitney said...

EWWW with the boys! I am very excited about the gas prices too!!! I filled my car up for under $40. Which has never happened before ever!!! I smile and then call everyone I know.

Jami said...

Yes, what is it with toliet water and babies/toddlers? Grace LOVES the toliet water, and I will find random binkies, and keys in the toliet (I am just gratful that I see them first, before going to the bathroom).
I am glad you posted this, it helps remind me that I should be learning for Grace every chance I get. What an example!

Debbie said...

Although Crickets are someone gross to find your children playing with (or in Liza's case when she was little, eating!!!!), I think I would take that over the pee pee water!! Just wait until they decide to use their "thingies" for a fire hose!!!! My advice, don't wallpaper your bathroom!
Have a great time in Richfield!

Amanda said...

Our two little ones have "open door" radar as's really scary when all of the sudden it becomes dead quiet and you can't find them where you thought they should find them in the bathroom with the older one shushing the younger one as they splash and fill up the toilet with all the TP -You got to love kids and their simple pleasures! I'm bummed that we are going to miss you this coming week in Richfield - we had a change of plans :(

Rhonda said...

Oh the joys of parenthood! I have to tell you, I was laughing outloud at your misery! Sorry! But, like you love the simple pleasures!

Alissa Melody said...

I loved this post! I am so excited to clean up a baby with pee pee all over! haha not really, but kinda :) Oh and guess what I found a gas station selling 1.79 per gallon up here! hooray for low prices!

Aimee's Family Journal said...

Somehow I am more excited about $1.99 gas than pee water! You are a saint!!!

Annie said...

Horrary for lowered gas prices. I honestly never would have believed it. It's now down to $1.79/gal in AZ. In Korea it's still $5.00/gal...yikes!
Crickets are very fun. You should go down to the pet store and ask them for a few. They have tons because they use them to feed other animals. I did that with Vance once and he loved it.
Now the pee-pee toilet water...naw, I don't recommend that one. Mimi does that when ever the opportunity presents itself. I'm so over that game.

Cheryl said...

Your kids are going to have so much fun as teenagers! You bring back old memories of my kids when they were little. Yes I
agree ... if you can't beat them join them. The best things in life are free! I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Jenny said...

I hear you on the gas! Lately, I feel like doing a little jig every time I fill up!!!

Groovin' Grammy said...

Beautiful Vance Family! Isn't one missing?? The picture taker??
Did grandma Vance make all the pj's??
If she did, very nice job!
"Happy New Year to all of you!"
The Brian's