Monday, October 20, 2008

Party continues...

Grandpa and Nana came over for some more birthday celebrations. We wanted Dad to feel special since we really didn't get to celebrate this weekend. He is very non traditional when it comes to birthdays so we all split desserts from AJs and everybody blew out their own candle.


Mary said...

You have some cute boys!! Happy Birfday Wayleena!

Cheryl said...

Happy birthday Waylon! I love all the cute pictures! Everything looks so pretty for the party! I bet the kids loved having their own birthday candle to blow out!!

Jami said...

how very cute of you. I love all the festive birthday decor. You family picture should be put in a magazine, and my husband is also fond of 4-wheeling vehicles.

Annie said...

Very cute birthday party. What fun decorations and dessert.

Shelly said...

Looks like a fun day and those desserts look sooo yummy!! You are a hot mama with all those little kiddies. Happy B-day W!!! And of course we are still friends-we just switched states. Love ya!!

☂niki. said...

oooh i'm lovin your blog! your family is absolutely beautiful!

i'll be back for more;)

Shannon said...

YOur family is darling! You really are quite that creative woman aren't you!

Anonymous said...

You really are so amazing. I love all the decorations and that food looks amazing. Seriously, did you make that stuff? Your family is just beautiful and I love seeing all the pictures. Your sis takes awesome photos.

P.S. Every now and then I will eat a cheese and mayo sandwich! Not too often though, usually I will throw some turkey on there with it. :)

Groovin' Grammy said...

Thanks for the nice things you said about being in Richfield, and about us. It was wonderful having you all here. Maybe this summer we can do it again!! (The great 4th of July)
Actually, I think that hat was made for you!!! Youre picture of the "Biker Mom" was kinda ruined when we scroll down and see it's just a scooter!! Ha Ha
Love and miss you all! The house is much too quiet!! Love you, Mom Brian

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