Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday super W!

Happy birthday to the man behind the curtain or shall we say the Wizard of my Oz. I think he and I would differ on what pictures of him are considered studly. He may opt for pictures of him with his big jeep or with his guns but I opt for pictures of him with my babies (pure manly man studliness). What a year. I hope you are happy with where you are in life as you mark another big year off the calendar.

Love, wife.

Does anybody know how to put a bunch of pictures into a
collage? If so pls. feel free to comment. Thanks in advance.


Aimee's Family Journal said...

Christina you are so cute!! I am kind of laughing because the "Wizzard of your Oz" sounds a little kinky!! Happy Birthday Waylon!

Stacey Crewse said...

Happy Birthday Waylon! What cute pictures! I love the family picture in your cute hot pink dress! You have an adorable family!

Whitney said...

Go WAYLO, its your birthday!Real men hold babies!

Melanie said...

Very sweet pictures!!

Debbie said...

Pictures with Waylon and the kids are the ones that reflect the best part of Waylon. Not that there aren't lots of good parts but seeing him with the kids is where he shines the brightest!! You're the best Waylon. Happy Birthday.

Nichols Family said...


I found your blog off of your parents' blog! We are going private on ours so if you want an invite...see my blog and give me your email address.

A funny story...we were at Disneyland at the end of Sept and we were in line on one of the rides and this couple and their kids and grandkids passed by us. I could tell they were LDS and they sort of looked familiar but I didn't know them. As they passed me I heard the mother say to her husband (and pointing at me) "Wow, that girl looks exactly like Christina Vance!" It was hilarious. I knew right then they were from Mesa obviously. Go Player triplets! :)

Annie said...

I heart Way-way! Happy birthday old man.

sherry said...

I totally agree. I think the manliest thing a man can do is be a great father. It looks like your man has got it!

Liza said...

Happy Birthday Way-Way!

Unknown said...

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