Thursday, August 30, 2012

On my color radar {BORDEAUX}


Hello there..with being on the cusp of September I find my mind wandering to deeper and richer colors for fall. I really think things can be a little heavier and deeper when the temps start to cool down. That is why I think I am currently attracted to shades of bordeaux, maroon and burgundy. I think this season I wished I had saved my classic bordeaux colored penny loafers from the 7th grade.

{large image 1 via Lonny (JK Capri), 2 - Rita Konig home, 3 - AD France}


My Interior Life said...

I have some sort of mental block over this color as my Catholic grade school colors (which carried over into our uniforms) were maroon and gray (all the way! - sorry that cheer just came back to me). Every time I see maroon (or burgundy or oxblood or whatever you want to call it), it takes me back to elementary school and not in a good way. Oh well. Your pics are pretty though!

Unknown said...

I am crushing on deeper, darker hues can't live Fall in's pure wrong.


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