Monday, May 21, 2012

Hope you had a grand weekend


One of the many things cool about visiting the Grand Canyon on a weekend is that you can always say you had a "grand" weekend even if it was a below average weekend...but then again the Grand Canyon ups the chances of one having an above average weekend.

Man I do not know what my deal is but I do not want to be around the computer. Everything else in life seems a little sub par compared to my daydreams of being with my little family at the beach...and it just has to be the beach...not the lake or not the mountains..although a rainy afternoon in a cabin with the wind blowing through the leaves may make a daydream appearance next week...For now I will just put on my flip flops and go to the pool store to buy some stuff to shock my pool into not having a green tint. Now if my next blog post has something to do with pool loungers then you will know why.

Hope you all had a very grand weekend indeed!!

P.S. - There were a few times at the Grand Canyon when I thought the ideal situation would be to only have kids that were not mobile and could only be carried around in those baby sling things.


Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

It looks gorgeous, but all I can think is how nerve-wracking it would be to be near cliffs with so many young children. You don't even have enough adult hands to hold each child - no wonder it was a strain. I love your photos of the Grand canyon.

Annie said...

That is the coolest! Good job for making that trip a reality. So fun and great memories for the kids. Definitely grand!

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