Friday, April 6, 2012

Chintz and The Greenbrier


My Mom is really not going to be a fan of this post. She chintzed herself out after the 90's..
Well I have recently been attracted to floral sofas. In fact I told my friend to go online and look at some campaign furniture at a local consignment store that she told me about. She came back and said "Did you see the floral loveseats?" They were gone because I had already journeyed over to see them so apparently I am not the only one who can appreciate a good piece of chintz...but only in small doses. I am loving that Carlton Varney wallpaper in some of the hotels suites on the bottom row of images.

Ever since I read an article about The Greenbrier Hotel in Travel & Leisure I have associate all of this florally/ chintzy trend to that hotel.


Debbie said...

And as you recall, I had a coffee table like that as well although it was not painted black. Think of the possibilities if I had only kept all of that stuff!

kelleyp said...

still obsessing over missed floral chintz matching love seats! must move on.

Sara Grace said...

I've always strayed from florals for interiors as sometimes it looks to frilly or dated, but these are tasteful!