Thursday, October 13, 2011

{large artwork}

On my brain is a nice large piece of artwork to go above our piano. It is not a project I really want to take on myself but I can't spend a fortune. I am however ready to invest a little money into a nice quality piece. I am thinking I will look for a vintage piece or have one commissioned. I do have a few ideas but would love to hear of some of your favorite places to go for large pieces of art. I am open to prints and lithographs but would love a painted piece. Any ideas? All of the below pieces of art can be found here. One of them unframed is 30 x 40.



Lesli at My Old Country House said...

maybe you need to tippy toe over to Lesli DeVito Paintings....I have some new pieces but I LOVE doing large pieces to pull rooms together...we can talk, we do NOT necessarily have to cows! and my prices are very reasonable! Take care!

Meredith said...

If you wanted something original and large, you could go "painting" with your camera. You use a slow shutter speed and then move the camera around. You can have it printed on a canvas. I am playing around with it, but here is a painting photo of some flowers I took recently:

Unknown said...

I would have never thought of looking on eBay for art but these are all amazing- love a large far I've only really had prints in 30x40 done...just can't afford a real painting of that size...vintage is a great idea though...or you can check out new and upcomming artists. I just bought a 30x40 commissioned piece from MFAMB and it is gorgeous/very reasonably priced.

Robyn said...

Check out this new website:
They have fine art giclee limited edition prints that are fabulous! You get to know WHO the artist is not just pick something for your wall! They have some really awesome art!

autumn said...

i love the idea of an oversized piece of art over your piano. the only problem with a large piece of art, is that since its so big, you better LOVE it! would you ever consider doing it yourself?

Alena: Oh, Its Just Perfect! said...

I am IN LOVE with the first painting. Gorgeous!! I hope to one day have a house full of artwork. Happy almost Friday!

angela | the painted house said...

Ooo, this is a very serious subject, not to be taken lightly. And, you've just excited many a starving artist across the internets that you just might spend money on one of their (my, ha!) paintings.

My suggestions:
Look at tons of art like a fiend before you buy--which I'm sure you do anyway.

Strive for original. Oh my goodness so much amazing art out there. I don't know your budget but check out .

Check out the local art scene. Schools, studios, etc. Isn't buying local so, so good?

Employ your five littles for some (well directed) paint slinging.

While commissioning, I think, is good for the patron, I think buying what the artist dreams up on her own is better and doesn't hinder the artist's ideas. Or, whatever, maybe it totally stretches the artist in a good way. I'm just blabbing here, bottom line, it is such a GOOD THING to buy real art from an artist whether commissioned or not. BUY ART!

Sorry you asked? Good luck and have fun looking!!!

adrienne said...

A friend of mine, Casey Wiegand, is an artist, and based on the pics you posted, I think you would love her work!

Unknown said...

I recently got turned onto this artist from pinterest. So exciting to be going to her opening this weekend.

Anonymous said...

A large figurative piece would be divine. So, I am biased ; )