Thursday, May 26, 2011

summer vacation has officially commenced

{swimming today at Nana & Baca's house..which may have included some red shoulders after it was all said and done}

Pls. excuse the blog silence. It has been the last week of school for us which for some reason has added a few extra activities here and there...some may have been extra-curricular I admit. Anyway summer vacation has officially started today and we couldn't be any happier to not have such a rigid schedule.

Summertime for us here in the desert means that sometimes even the pool gets too warm. When that happens then it is time to hit the road to avoid being trapped in air-conditioned buildings at all times. Last year I swore I was going to leave for most of the summer so we will see where we end up summer 2011.

Do you all have any fun summer plans?

P.S. - This is HUGE that I have hit the season in life that I finally feel comfortable enough to take the kids to the pool all by myself...even if at times there were more kicks than giggles if you know what I mean


LiveLikeYou said...

Your kids are adorable. I'm so impressed you can handle all of them by yourself at the pool! Can't wait..two more weeks and Luke is out of school and we're heading back home to Sweden. xx

H.G. The Countess said...

What desert are u in? U look like you need to head to Lake Tahoe to cool off!

The Wizzle said...

Holy smokes, I can hardly imagine taking your whole brood to a pool alone! Last summer I was at my wit's end because none of my three could swim well yet and we moved into a house with an (unfenced) pool.

Good times.

A fence was the first thing we did, the second thing was hardcore swimming lessons. :) Now two out of three are very competent swimmers so I can take them myself. I know what a triumph it is!

Lilacandgrey said...

So happy for summer!!!
Beach, boating, and bbq's!
♥ Cara
Lilac and Grey

Debbie said...

Oh how well I remember those days of the last day of school. Such gladness and joy at the thought of being able to release the regime and relax in the lazy days of summer only to have the summer draw to a close and be grateful for the resumption of the routine. Lives cycles!! So fun to see the kids enjoying themselves at the pool yesterday!!

Whitney said...

Ive been looking for our turtle swim thingy for weeks!! is that where it is? I just bought P some floaties. When we meeting up for a swim party?

jonalynn said...

Hooray for family trips to the pool. So happy for your accomplishment. I would barely be able to handle a single wee one. :)

We're headed up north to do some camping this weekend. We still haven't decided on the destination, but I love being able to escape the heat by driving two to four hours north.

Happy Weekend!

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ellen said...

So looking forward to summer too! Can you tell me where you got your adorable yellow swimsuit? Looks so cute!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

so fun! I wish we had a pool in Boston. or knew anyone who had a pool!

Sarah said...

still love that yellow suit!

Barbara Jordan Dettweiler said...

I definitely know what you mean about more kicks than giggles! And I only have two munchkins! These pictures are really cute. :)

Annie said...

That is HUGE! You are very brave. And here I was thinking I was so adventurous taking Vance and the two babies to the swimming pool today for the second time. You are one adventurous brave mama. I miss those little rascals. I believe Oregon will be calling your name for the summer. Please, pretty please with sugar on top. Will you come to visit. It's the most beautiful time of the year in Oregon you know. Road trip, road trip, road trip!!!! Then we could drive back down with you, stop at Disneyland and stay in AZ for a week. Oh I would love it. I hear Liza is in AZ right now and wants to move back. It's so nice to have family isn't it.
Love you sissy! Can't wait to see you again. Oh, and P.S. I will be on Skype tomorrow morning (it will be 3 or 4 pm your time). I'll also be on in the afternoon, 9-10 pm your time. I'm excited to chat.

Laura said...

We still have 15 more days of school, not that we are counting.
Love the poolside photos - so cute.

Shannon said...

FREEDOM! I too am feeling the freedom over here!
Love the pics :)
-Shannon in Austin