Tuesday, February 8, 2011

talent abounds



Wow, did you know talent abounds in the blogosphere? Of course you do.

First my friend Angela from TPH has mad skills. Just look at her above chairs she just had reupholstered and it doesn't end there my friends. Her cottage as well as the rest of her house are pretty impressive as well. Oh and if you see any artwork in her home then there is a good chance she painted it. (I'll call you tomorrow Angela;-)

Also, in case you were wondering Jenny already did a post on the above dot fabrics here.

Secondly, did somebody really just hand cut a stencil and then paint their wall to look like the below..

Why yes they did and her name is Danika and she shares the step by step process here.

I am blown away.

(thanks to Bromeliad for the lead and then again on Sissy's blog..I'm pretty sure this DIY will make the rounds)



The Glam Lamb said...

I absolutely love tat abstract tiger lamp. Bananas!

Katy said...

Where do I begin!? Your blog is fabulous!! The images are always fresh & stunning - you have an incredible eye for color. Everything you post is always inspiring. Keep up the awesome work!

Oh, if you have a chance please stop by my brand new blog & follow if you'd like :)


k said...

seriously that wall is from a hand cut stencil???? that is brilliant!!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

wow, that stencil job is insane. she deserves an award

Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

Those chairs are divine!

Ashley said...

WOW! Those chairs are gorgeous. I used the same Premier Prints fabric on a pair of ottomans--the fabric is just wonderful! Now I have a new blog to check out!

1 Funky Woman said...

Loving the orange shade and that lamp and the blue light hanging. Wow and that wall, amazing!

Now a new follower!


LindsB said...

Two very talented people- those chairs and the orange wall are BEAU-ti-FUL!

quintessence said...

Lots of talent out there indeed. Love the spotted chairs with the orange shade on the lamp. And that stencilled wall is amazing!!

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum} said...

It's amazing how that black and white dot can look so sophisticated!!!

angela | the painted house said...

Well, this is a surprise! Thank you, Christina, for the mention and such generous words. :) You are allllll riiiiight!

Oh, my that stencil is the burrito supreme! Gorgeous.

bluehydrangea said...

Love the chairs! Off to check out her blog and thanks for the mention!! xoSissy

Melissa at HOUSEography said...

Love those chairs. Also love the tray for pictures. I may be a tray-aholic!!!