Thursday, October 8, 2009

{DIY with Ikea & grass cloth}

I am loving that Robert Passal took Ikea shelves & wrapped them in grass cloth.  I'm going to take it from this designer & get me some of that grass cloth.  Way to make Ikea look high end.  I'm also thinking the wrapping of shelves doesn't have to end with just grass cloth.  Many more possibilities, I'm thinking (although I am a HUGE fan of grass cloth).

Also, Mr. Passal also won the bedroom contest on All The Best.  That green chair is doing something to my heart.


Laura Fuller said...

very cute. i wish i could see it better though; i wonder where you get grass cloth? i love the colors in that room!

Jennifer Babbitt said...


I Love your blog!! Thanks for posting.

Jen Wenzel

Laura said...

I'm in love with the fireplace!!

Donna said...

Love that green chair!!!

Whitney said...

I think its doing something to your heart because you have 2 that look very similar. UH... oh wait... no you dont. I dont know what happened to them. Shoot. I should have never reminded you.