Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My favorite things..

Did you know the word present has more the one meaning? Well it does and I can use it 3 times in one sentence and have it mean something different each time it is said. So without further ado let me PRESENT the best Christmas PRESENT in the PRESENT (with a sprinkle of Christmas past, 6 days to be exact).

Yes, being with family truly was the best Christmas present this year. Thanks to Mom & Dad for the pajamas among all of the many other items.  Top ranking event is always Palestine dinner.   I also loved the house on the corner of Hermosa Vista and Harris that had their Christmas lights choreographed to Christmas music. To whomever lives there sorry if you were spying out the window and saw us dancing on your lawn.  Just trying to spread the holiday love so hopefully we didn't make you mad.


Oh I almost forgot. I got a new camera thanks to husband. I had my first lesson last night thanks to sister. I can't wait until I am a smooth pixilator.


Cheryl said...

Cute Christmas picture with everyone in their matching PJ's. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas being together with family!

Kacey's View said...

Yay! What kind of camera did you get? And thanks for telling me where those walls were. I found them and I cant wait to test them out!

Annie said...

Kudos for your triple use of the word got skills!!! And now just think of the possibilities now that you're all fancy smansy with your new camera.
You are my favorite thing too.

Mary Ann said...

What a beautiful family! I love all the matching jammies.. you guys, the house, all of it could be in a magazine! Your family picture below is perfect! You should be so proud of your cute cute family! :)

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