Monday, July 28, 2008

4th of July on the Farm

There's something to be said about a small town on the 4th of July. Small town parades are the best. So far 2 of the best fireworks shows have been in smaller communities. I never thought I could live in a small town but find myself rethinking it as an option more every year after we go visit Grandma and Papa Brian. The girls had a blast. The weather was nice and they could go out and run around as much as they wanted. One of the highlights for the girls had to have been all of the candy that was thrown around @ the parade. You should have seen their faces. It was difficult to get them to pose for a few shots as they were a tad bit preoccupied with the whole candy thing. We also had nanny Mandy come and visit us in Richfield (that was one of my highlights). We sure miss her. Well all in all it was a perfect trip but when it comes down to it I need my city ways to stay a bit closer. Don't worry though Papa and Grandma, we will be back again soon, 12 hour drive and all. A drive that is only supposed to be 8 hours. Poor little babies were quite the troopers packed in there 5 car seats and all. We'll save that for another story though. I had to post a picture of the elk head because they are everywhere @ the in-laws house. It took me a little while to get used to all of the animal head business. When I was growing up I begged my Dad to take me fishing. One day he really did take us but it was to the fish farm. PLEASE... I could have caught them with my bear hands. Oh well my Dad's always been more of the artsy kind (in a manly way). I love you Dad!

Hooray for the red, white & blue!

Big sparkler for such a little girl.

Hi Wellsey!

Cousins all lined up.

Hi again Wells!

Papa lovin.

Just one more picture please or I'll take away your candy!

Take me to the 50's, check out the car.

Are you serious?

My 3 sons.

Let's here it for Grandma.

Whoa there little elk!!

Summer fun.

Oh wait here's Christianson.

That's all folks! Good times.


Melanie said...

That sure is a full car load!! You sure do have your hands full with some cute little monkeys!!

Annie said...

What the!!!! I wanted to be the first to comment again. :)

Seriously I love the 4th in small towns. Hey I'd like to get a set of deer antlers of my own. Could you arrange that for me or shall I steal some from Afton's elk horn arch? :)

Christy Alter said...

The kiddies are SO CUTE! I love the picture of them all packed in the car - it's priceless! Keep posting - it's great to hear the latest with your busy crew!

Annie said...

They all look so cute in their matching outfits. I know that the girls loved the trip. They can't wait to go back....who can blame them!! Glad to see the pictures of your fun trip.

Debbie said...

Oops, that last post from Mom. I forgot to log out of the computer as Annie since she is the last one to make a post from here.

Aimee's Family Journal said...

I loved the picture of Waylon with the boys on his lap! They all look so cute! I know that feeling. Please just let me get one more picture of you, or I am going to have to punish you by... doing something....!

Thanks for posting pictures of all of them. AGAIN! SO HAPPY YOU ARE BLOGGING!

JECKBECK (Erin) said...

Looks like a bunch of organized, chaotic, fun! We love small town fireworks too. If you are looking for a close trip with the small town feel, try Heber. They have the best fireworks and a fun parade and craft fair.
You guys are lucky to have family with a farm in a small town. Your kids will remember their memories there forever!
Love keeping up with you through the blog!

Alissa Melody said...

Awwww looks like we really missed out! ANdrew and I are so excited to see you!!!

Debbie said...

You just got your first tag!! Check my blog!

Whitney said...

I found you!!!! Im so glad you came with me last night. Your a rock star and I cant wait to practice this weekend! Love you. Love your kids!

Unknown said...

I found your blog because you had left the message on Lacey's blog. What cute pictures of darling babies. I feel so bad that we didn't get down there to see you while you were here.

I love that you have a blog and I have bookmarked it. That way I can see all the cute pictures as you post them. Brad also has a cute one if you haven't seen it yet. The address is

Love you guys and miss you

Lora Lea

Cheryl said...

So fun to see all the kiddos in the car. That must have been quite an adventure driving that far! All of your kiddos are so adorable and growing up so quickly. It's so fun to see all the cute pictures!!

Shari said...

What fun! It's like watching "Jon & Kate plus eight" except we get to see it in person and love you all. How was hip-hop class? One day I may just have to join you. You truly amaze me with all you handle.

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