Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I've come back to this saying quite a bit lately. Sometimes as woman and mothers I think we feel we need to be perfect (I know I do). It can be down right overwhelming and exhausting at times to try and do everything.  It is easier said than done to just let go of certain things & just do the best that I can.  Just when I think I've mastered that concept I really haven't. To give myself credit though, I am doing better but it still can be a fight @ times.

Ok so perhaps this is not a good comparison but look @ the below perfection in the color coordinated books and closets.  I do have to admit it is a pretty sight & makes me want to go straight to all of my shelves & closets but......why would I want to color coordinate my books right now? That is the last thing I need to strive for @ this time in my life (heaven knows) but I saw this post and it made me think of how I love it when things are perfectly color coordinated.  It must be that perfectionist thing going off in my head again.  Today I will just blog about perfection and then just let it go....AGAIN.

{above image found here via here}

{image via Serena & Lily}

So back to finding part of the million ways to be a good Mom without being perfect.  Wish me luck!  I think I'm going to run with a new motto:

Not being perfect is the new perfection.....{sort of}

Actually something I think about often is how the Savior often makes up the difference & it is only by & through Him that we can become perfect.  In which I can't even begin to express my feelings of deep gratitude & love.


Mike and Debbie said...

there's something about having things match and in order that is good for my soul....I must have passed that on to my kids. Although I really do think that most of us like order and structure in our lives, I think that is different than being a perfectionist.
PS( holy smoly, did you notice how many shoes and clothes are in those pictures!!!)

Stacey Crewse said...

Love every post.....the only perfect thing I have going on is NOT being perfect in any way :) I do though love when my closet is perfectly color coordinated... it only happens a few times a year when I clean out my closet.
You need to write a book......

Melanie said...

I just love you! You are amazing! Enough said!

Jami said...

loved this post. I struggle with the same thing...only I think you are closer to perfection than me!
I have to constantly remind myself EVERYDAY that we all have our weaknesses and strengths. NO ONE is perfect!
ps...I am going to steal that quote and picture.
pss...I am with your mom...that was a lot of shoes and clothes

nameisgrace said...

yet again, your post never fails to inpsire. love the perfect pics!!!

Annie said...

the funny thing is that of all those pictures, I said to myself.."is that mariah's shoe closet?" and I clicked on it and it was! Oh man, i gotta lay off the MTV.

Courtney Vance said...

When I think of perfection in being a mother, I think of you. If you are not perfect, you fake it perfectly.

Whitney said...

um can I please have that closet full of shoes!? Love it.

Marketing Unscrambled, learn to earn 14 said...

This is from a friend of ours. This is her blog: http://www.imperfectaction.com/
Giovanna Garcia does a very good job at letting people know that we do not have to do things perfectly we just need to take action. So imperfect action is better than no action at all. It is a great blog and very inspiring. Like this one.

Those photos are great, there is a lot of everything in these photos. It is nice to be neat but they do not stay that way because we use things. We live in our homes not make them show pieces. Enjoy the toys on the floor and other things. They will not be there for long, they grow up so quick.
Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"