Sunday, June 21, 2009


Dear father of my children,

Today I wore a yellow polka dot shirt
to church and then when we got home
I started to make you an egg salad sandwich
 and noticed it kind of matched.  
I wished it were filet mignon 
instead because I know how much you likey.  
I will make it up to you with some of my famous
cookies later on.  Don't you leave to Alaska
soon deserve it.  I will miss you
because you are what makes this family hold
tightly together.  

Hey remember when we were sad 
that we had no kids so we went to Hawaii instead?
Well look @ you now Mr. Daddy.  What you are 
doing now is bigger than anything else.
Your kids love you and I love & appreciate all
you do even if you.....

ride a girl's bike with black socks and crocs on....and even if.......

you like hanging dead animals up on the wall.  That's OK if we don't see eye to eye on this because it still is beautiful just like you....especially when you are with my children and because of that I will let you hang one more (for a lifetime maximum of 2) dead things on the wall.  Funny how it started out as only being able to hang one in the garage.


Yep, by the looks of things you definitely need a manly man vacation.
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY love muffin!



Let's not forget the 1/3 of the reason why I am who I am today.


33.333333% - just came the way I came
33.333333% - am who I am because of my Dad
33.333333% - am who I am because of Mom
{estimated percentages}

I hope to have your 33.333333% of who I am be really GREAT so that I can show everybody what an amazing Daddy I have.

I love you so much Dad!

Remember how I said I only liked choc. mustaches?  I may just change my mind.

Being that I am the sole author of my blog sometimes I feel it is not an equal opportunity blog.  For example lots of pictures of my Dad but not of husbands Dad (husband was a little slow on getting them for me).  My Father-in-law is a very special Dad.  I look up to him so much.  He is a strong, honest, salt of the earth kind of man who raised a mighty fine son.  Love you too!


Marketing Unscrambled, learn to earn 14 said...

What a very nice post on fathers day. Have a good day.
Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Carol said...

Your girls look just like your baby picture.

Annie said...

I love your black socks and crocs jab. You are too funny. You got some great men around. I'm glad Way-Way is getting a chance to go to Alaska. He really does deserve it.

Annie said...

Oh and P.S. Your egg salad photo is terrific. Very well composed. I also really like the composition of the bike and trailer pic. You are doing so well Miss Photographer. You can tell you are really paying attention to perspective and angle. Your photos are awesome!

Mike and Debbie said...

Seeing the pictures of Dad and you when you were a baby makes me wonder if we were ever really that young!!! You get so used to the way things are now that you forget what you once looked like. Zach definitely looks like his dad when you see those pictures.
Annie is right about your photos. You have a real talent. I was just telling Dad last night how it amazes me how quickly you can learn things and how good you are at so many things!!

little ms. sassy shelby said...

Your posts always have such inspiring words and beautiful pictures. It really makes this blog a joy to read.

I love your two head maximum on your walls. We have a max at my house, too. All others get banned to the "man room".

laura said...

Great photos and post. I love the bike, black socks with crocs photo. :-)

Melanie said...

You are amazing!! I just love readying your posts!! Your birthday part is so cute! I wish we lived closer so that some of your creativeness would rub off on me! You are an amazing woman!

Annie said...

dude your dad's shirt is sooo pimp. Cheers to the best Mike Dawg the world will ever know!!!

Mary said...

oh my gosh! Zach and Dad could be twins! I would fall for it if I didn't know any better! They totally have the same smile especially from a side view!

nameisgrace said...

what a beautiful family. i love how you captured the black socks and crocs!!!!

Lauren said...

Such a cute post! Love the picture of him with all the kiddos. So darling!

Cheryl said...

I loved seeing the pictures of you and your dad. That was so sweet. It is so interesting to see that we didn't have car seat then only those little infant seats. You were an adorable baby! Cute, cute pictures!

Kristin said...

That shot of all the munchkins lying on daddy makes me want to get going on #2. Such a fabulous post!

Nic and Angelika said...

Your family is beautiful! i love your outfit!!!