Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Collections & the simple pleasures of life.

I took pictures of the below pages out of the above book I bought @ the thrift store for $6.00. The book has at least 100 pages of really beautiful images of flowers from around the world. When I saw the book I immediately pictured tearing out some of the pages and framing them to use as a collection on my wall. A collection of pictures can really pack a punch and to use images from a book is really quite cost effective. In fact if you are interested in doing something like this as well, Ebay sells the same vintage book for as low as $15.00. I think the same author even made a book full of the worlds birds as well.  Imagine the possibilities. 




I thought some of the below were fun examples of hanging pictures in a collection.  I like the silver clips of the first picture.

Well when you talk about nature & collecting, just about the only thing you'll find in our backyard are dandelions & leaves that have fallen into our pool.  Both of which the kids find fascinating.  I want to see things more often the way my kids see them.  That is why I have found simple pleasure in my new fig tree.

I have actually been wanting one for a while so I googled on where I could find one and if they would even grow in this climate we have here in the desert.  Well a couple weeks went by and I had a knock on my door from a neighbor who was wondering if we knew anybody who wanted a fig tree.  You already know what I said and now that little fig tree has a new home in our backyard....kind of random though.  Anyway the leaves are just so beautiful on this tree.  When the tree gets big enough I'm pretty sure I will cut some of the leaves & bring them inside to fill my vases.


....and oh yes I still have the peacock chairs.  You'd think after a couple of years they would grow on husband but not so.  He wishes they were @ the DI but we all know who rules the roost:-)


Lauren said...

I can't wait to see the arrangement you make with those beautiful pictures!

Love your fig tree :)

Marketing Unscrambled, learn to earn 14 said...

That was wonderful. All of those lovely photos. Thrift stores are great. My husband Dan is the best at finding the best things at the thrift stores. He has things in the cart and other come and want to take the stuff out of the cart. One of us always has to stand guard on the cart when we go. We have the best time at thrift stores.
Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Things That Inspire said...

I had the same thought at you - the florals would look wonderful framed as a series!

I love the inspirational pictures in this post.