Sunday, January 17, 2010

{french therapy} La Tartine

Sometimes the best therapy is to get into a car and just drive.  Kids gone wild (not to be confused with Girls Gone Wild), well how about a drive.  Since I was the only one manning the fort this weekend and felt the need to adhere from going insane, I decided to listen to whisperings of the universe telling me to find a French Boulangerie.  Good thing the closest Boulangerie that I fancy was a bit of a drive and not just around the corner because I needed this double dose of therapy.  I packed up the lunches with high hopes to have a perfect day frolicking in the sun with 5 perfectly behaved children.  Not so much...15 minutes @ the park was enough to do me in and when the fountain erupted so did I.  In fact I was strung so tight that it wasn't until I got home, put the kids down that I was finally able to find the comfort that I needed.  That comfort was found in a chocolate filled croissant on a blanket in the back yard.  I have said it before and I will say it again but you have never had a croissant until you've had a croissant from La Tartine.  Must be due to the fact that the owners immigrated straight from France. Now you know who I pay for good therapy & now you know why I had egg pancakes the next morning.

Want to see what else is good therapy but also makes me need therapy all at the same time...
Funny how that works.
Don't let the little dude with the tie an his shirt fool you for one second...he's KRAZY with a capital K.  He sure is CUTE though and that's not with a capital K.


Tonight though the real therapy comes from a little picture that has "Frenchness written all over it" Give me those little plants, a baguette and a modern chair paired with an antique settee and we'll call it good.


16650 E. Palisades, #103
Fountain Hills, AZ


Ms. Bright said...

Looks like fantastic therapy to me! I loved the word "tartine" since highschool french and have even used it as a term of endearment. I have quite a few "dear little tartines" by now!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Yum. I didn't realize there was a real boulangerie in Fountain Hills. I'm so there.

Tiffany said...

Yes, we will be visiting there when we visit you... I'm excited to see you but nothing compares to how I feel about chocolate croissants :)

Anonymous said...

I think it might be time for a field trip to Fountain Hills!

Dayka said...

Remind me of Alon's here in Atlanta--delish!

Anonymous said...

I would love to visit! Yum.


nameisgrace said...

Yummy! I make nutella croisants daily. They are my weakness:)

I'm glad you were able to go out for a long theraputic drive!

KatieJ said...

I've never heard of that place but you better belive I'm going to go find it! Not with the kids though, sounds like a good Saturday afternoon date or something...

laura said...

What delicious therapy! Glad you were able to get your calgon moment! Your kids are adorable!

this blessed nest said...

across the miles, from one end of the country to another, via my screen...i am drooling over here in tennessee. your therapy sounds perfect to me. we have to do something to get a re-charge of energy to keep up with the munchkins.

Anonymous said...


Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

did you add that trim to your darling daughter's darling little cardi??

aims0605 said...

I love your blog... but most of all I am so suprised to see the Fountian... I was like OMG that looks just like the fountian i grew up looking at... and sure enough it is!!! I lived in Fountian Hills for 4 years as a young child and that is my only memory of the place!!! HOW COOL!!!!

Tracy said...

Ever since I ate a delicious chocolate croissant in San Francisco I have been in LOVE with them and looking for a place around here that sells them!!! Good find! Thanks for sharing!

Melanie said...

C'est chouette! Thanks for the tip, I might head there tonight. The hubs served his mish in Paris and he spent a few years there as a kid growing up. I had to learn French just so his siblings would stop talking about me all the time... at least now I know when they are calling me crazy. So now, we are a boulangerie loving fam.
Next time, let me know and I'll join you in insanity at the Fountain.

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