Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hi guys, I crashed my girls school today in hopes to make them feel like I was really happy the day they came out of my belly and so on. Nothing a little Dollar Store and Ned's Crazy sub couldn't do to aid in our good times today. Now onto the real party planning..we are waiting until Grandma and Grandpa come to town.

On another birthing note, I occasionally get emails from other womanfolk who are either having a hard time getting pregnant or are having multiples. Well I am here to say, do not fret because it all works out. You too might be close to 30 thinking you will never have kids and then be done 2 years later because you now had 5 (but probably not)...if so just have fun with it because we all know the other option..Seriously though what I really am trying to say is that I love getting those emails from other womanfolk even if I can't answer some of the questions like how to get your body back. Usually I just answer by saying, "just don't look at your body in the mirror and eat lots of quinoa". Quinoa solves all problems in life..joke (for those that know me).

Anyway I hope to hop back onto the blogwagon real soon...

P.S. - I was just going through photos on my phone and remembering how I was trying to make the first lamp look like the second lamp..didn't really work out as you can see. I sure love that second lamp by Arteriors.


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

This post is so super duper cute!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Just goes to show you it doesn't cost much to make your children feel special, lovely. I think your lamp looks fantastic!

Andrea said...

funnest mom EVER award!!!

this blessed nest said...

how awesome are you!!!

loving all of these pictures. a sub sandwich sounds wonderful right now.


Jeni G said...

Happy Birthday gals!

angela | the painted house said...

So fun!!! Love their glasses. Happy Bday January babies!!!

(And I spy your fur...decided mine makes my already-large shoulders too big...sadz)

Laura said...

Seriously fun photos! No doubt it was the hugest hit. I can't wait to see the party with the grandparents - fun!!

Michaela said...

You're the best mama ever! How sweet!

Amanda said...

how did i miss this post?!

i can't stand how gorgeous, creative, and down right awesome you are! tone it down, and stop making me look/feel bad, will ya? *joke* :)

love it all, lady.

happy birthday to the girls, i can't wait to see the party.