Monday, August 4, 2008

Only a mental picture needed for this post...

I wanted to capture this morning because it's pretty typical and I don't want to forget. far I have changed 7 diapers in 1.5 hours(3 poops). As I was just changing the last one I thought to myself this has got to be way easier wrestling the dirty stinkiness of babyhood rather than the dirty stinkiness of a teenager. I don't know if anyone has noticed lately but it is a bit scarey out there in the world so for now I am going to enjoy every minute of being able to fully control my kids in my home:-) Bridger is finding great joy and entertainment in opening and shutting cabinets doors just to hear the noise he has discovered he has control over (who would think that could keep someone happy for 30 minutes). Christian is watching the front load washing machine do it's job, if only we all enjoyed the simple things a little more. Wells, well he's another story & is following me around like he thinks I have the solution for world peace (When am I ever again going to be a super hero to my kids). Maren & Maile have now been attempting breakfast for 1 hour. Time to build a fort and put on a movie so I can write things down. I have the most gratitude in my heart for that help people are constantly lending to our family. Which reminds me I need to post the boys 1st birthday. Pretty much some of the biggest angels in our life put together a surprise birthday party for the boys. It's never ending......LOL

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Annie said...

Your my hero too! You never did tell me, what is the solution to bring us all world peace?

Can't wait for our hike tomorrow. We need to think of some outings we can do with ALL the kids. Maybe Trader Joes again?