Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cosmetics sales fare well during economic slowdown and with Mother/Daughter bonding...

When I lived in California, I was considering a management job with Laura Mercier, I remember talking with the regional rep in my third interview where she tried to sell me on the industry by telling me a little trivia about the cosmetic industry doing really well during times of economic downturns. She told me that specifically in the Depression cosmetics and alcohol actually went up in sales. I get why alcohol does so well during depressing times even when money is tight but I wasn't too sure about the cosmetic thing so I went online to confirm what she said. According to, "Smooth sailing for cosmetics also was evident during the Great Depression of the 1930s, when sales of inexpensive cosmetics out-sold mid-priced food items and clothing." I find that interesting but I guess it makes sense being that the cosmetic business tends to be a place where women can feel good about themselves, regardless of other aspects of their lives. Cosmetics always seem to make me reflect on a date I had with my Mom....

I'm such a sucker for beauty tips. My Mom can confirm that as well. When I was about 11 my Mom decided to have a mommy daughter date. She even let me choose what the activity was going to be. Of course my vision of mother daughter bonding was to do some sort of beauty pampering event. My mom is such a low maintenance lady and has never used much more than just a bar of Dove soap. Bless her heart she went along with my plan anyway and took me down to the local drugstore where we loaded up on face masks, scrubs, polish etc. I will never forget that night and how important my Mom made me feel. Keeping with the spirit of this post I had to reference an article I came across through My Yahoo titled Wacky Beauty Tips That Work. When I read through the 30 tips I can confirm that I've tried a few of them and feel that they really work. I swear by #25 on the list. If you want to check out the list go here.

both photos via Flikr


Stacey Crewse said...

So I just printed out the 30 tips.... Just wait until you see me next! A million bucks baby! And if those 30 tips dont day here we come!

sherry said...

Love your new blog layout with the cute pics of your kids on the side! This is such a fun post. I knew that the movie industry did well during the depression (nickel movies, escapism and all that) and alcohol is probably a given. But I didn't realize cosmetics did well also. So no matter how bad the economy gets, we may starve but we can always look good!;)

Zach and Whitney said...

I love mother/ daughter bonding experiences like that. As the oldest child sometimes you feel alittle in the background because of the kids following you. I loved having fun experiences like that with my mom. I cant wait to have experiences with my girlies someday.

Aimee's Family Journal said...

christina you better slow down! You posts are getting to be so dang fun! I have to drop by all the time! Be careful, you might just get to popular....

...not a bad thing right?

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