Sunday, October 26, 2008

No..that's not us feeding our kids lunch @ Costco.


Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! I would love to see you again too. I think about Enrose ward all the time! That picture is hillarious! :) You are the cutest and I would LOVE to see you! I'll let you know when I am coming down! :)

Mike and Debbie said...

too funny! did you get any food storage shelving? If so, then I know what you are going to be doing this week!

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

it's understandable...

Natalie Hall said...


Nichols Family said...

Ummm...we did the same thing at Costco today. Gasp!

Annie said...

That's seriously awesome! And you know what, if anyone can get away with it, you can. They are so enamored with your family of multiples that I'm sure they don't even notice that they swiped their whole tray of chopped up burritos.

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