Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My season of life

If I had nothing better to do with my time right now I'd want to recreate this:

..but since I do have plenty better to do with my time and a realist than I should probably be focusing more on the below picture. Got to make sure I focus on the right season for the RIGHT SEASON. (get it?) I'm all about seasons of life right now.

Just sitting here trying to get pumped up for all of the Halloween festivities. You see Halloween and I have never really been best friends. I probably would have liked it better this year if I didn't procrastinate on the whole costume for the kids thing. Hopefully I will get it all worked out. Really don't the kids just like the candy anyway?

I'm feeling a little nostalgic so keeping with the spirit of this post I better flashback to last year on Halloween.


Annie said...

They can be pioneers again can't they? :) That takes care of at least two costumes. I love seeing those photos of them from last year because it reminds me of you and I. Can you believe it was only 25 years ago that we were wearing those costumes together for Pioneer Day. I love you sissy!

Stacey Crewse said...

I totally want to recreate the top picture too! Im in charge of Decor for our ward Christmas party and Blue and White are the colors this year....That would work! I'll be calling you for some ideas!!! :)

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the Happy Birthday message. That was so sweet of you to think of me. Hopefully I will see you on Saturday! Your girls look so cute as pioneers! I can't believe those were your costumes. You should post the picture of you and Annie in them too! Happy Halloween!!

Zach and Whitney said...

Seriously I want my house decorated like that!! Oh too have all the time in the world... ahhh.

Aimee's Family Journal said...

See, I think I would stress out too, if I didn't have a boy that picked some generic party city costume every year! When you make pioneer dresses, I can see how it would be tough! They are so cute though!!!

McMullin Family said...

Christina! It was so great meeting you too! It was your story that gave me hope over a year ago doing our second IVF!! Your kids are too cute and you do have a very full house! I'd love to get together too! Email me at brianandlyndsie@gmail.com and we'll exchange numbers! talk soon! Lyndsie

Anonymous said...

Hey Christina!

It's your cousin Kim. How can Scott and I and the kids get on your blog roster? We would feel so famous. I got a link to your blog from my family's blog and I have loved reading up on how you guys are doing.

I have to say I love the hair bows, booties and aprons a ton. Wow! You are so talented. I am incredibly impressed. And you still look like a supermodel after having triplets AND twins. Waylon's a lucky guy. Thanks for all the memories about my Uncle Mike Dogg too. It makes me a little weepy to get together with my family reading all this.

Kim, Scott and family (up in the Great White North).

Liza said...

You're hot.

Mimi said...

Darling table!!! I just love Halloween! I am the one that won the fishbowl raffle at the Fall Blissfest. Sorry it's taken me so long to get in touch. I completely forgot I won. Anyway, I'd love to see some pics of you stuff so just let me know what I need to do. My e-mail is camillawright@cox.net. thanks and we'll hear from you soon.

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