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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Welcome to my crib...


If one were to ever wonder why I don't get anything done then I think the above perfectly illustrates & backs me up.  It's been hard to even get the dishes done as also proven in the above.  How could I deny that there was a need to turn on music after the girls shared all of their dress up clothes with their brothers.  They made me laugh so we danced.  

I quit laughing though when I was minding my own business @ 8:30 last night only to be startled by a high pitched chipmunk voice busting out of his room running full force all while he was saying, "Mmmm bye bye c-ya...bye bye c-ya".  I'm not sure if he was talking to his other brothers trying to show off that he was the first one to crawl out of his crib or if he was trying to promote a full on chase by his Mother.  Either way I was kind of hoping he would take after his sisters and never even try to attempt escaping the crib.  Oh well.  Dude where's my car....I kind of want in on the whole escaping thing. (speaking of, dude where's my car, did anybody really even see that movie?)  

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The inspiration of a trophy ribbon winner!

I have been finding so much inspiration in trophy ribbons.  They've got my mind going for some future projects.  Well today I met up with one of my biggest inspirations and wished I had made her a special trophy ribbon all for herself.  She really deserves one.

{via flikr}

{via flikr)

{via flikr}

{Anthropologie via sopickincute}

{Stella McCartney}

Here she is.  This is a friend who moved to Austin, TX had a couple of kids then found out she was having quintuplets.  Then she came to AZ to have them here @ the same time I was having the triplets.  She holds the record for the heaviest quintuplet.  There were so many times that I kept on a truckin because I would think of her.  Well today we got our kids together for the first time.  Imagine eight 2 year olds running around.  Good times!  We even took them out to have lunch.  Yes we had help.  More pics & documentation on the family blog.  I'll get to sending the invites out here hopefully soon.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Bikes & my miniatures

When I saw the above little bike sitting up on the shelf @ the thrift store it made me smile.  For some reason I had to buy it even though I have no need for a miniature bike.  I got home @ now I know why I bought it.  Just look @ this new stage we are enjoying of figuring out how to ride big girl bikes.  The girls seem to be having Christmas in August & have been so excited to be upgraded from their trikes.  The boys were happy because the trikes became hand me downs.  I love all of my miniatures...they make me smile.


Speaking of miniatures my Mom snapped a few pictures of the boys point of view while living @ her house the last little while. We did feel pretty trapped indoors but those early mornings & sprinklers saved the day. It's not uncommon for me to freeze up as I get overwhelmed with the business of a bunch of 2 year olds. I've been known to say, "Sheesh look @ the little gremlins go". They are into everything & they make everything come alive with a little movement over here & a little movement over there. It's like somebody fed the little guys after midnight, gave them some water & shined the brightest light upon them (ok so anybody who hasn't watched the movie Gremlins has no idea what I am talking about but most who were pre-prime or in their prime+ in the 80's should know what I'm talking about).


I also snapped a few shots of the boys out enjoying the early morning sipping a yogurt drink.  Good thing they were outside drinking these messy drinks in their skibbys or Nana would have had our hide.  We love Nana.

No matter our circumstance, may we all ride bikes more often & smile.

All of my miniatures about 1 year ago.  Time flies.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Um hi,
This is my Dad in his messy office...working.

This is my Dad after he forgot to shut his office door with all of my kids living @ his house this week. Don't let the look on his face fool you because there were some tense moments when he yelled for someone to come do something about all of the disruptions.

I wonder how long it will take before our reservation @ Bacca & Nana's will expire. I sure hope our floors will be done soon, mostly for their sakes..not mine because I kind of like it here.

Nana so kindly offered to help me get the kids out of the house after all of the shenanigans. I really appreciate how she loves my warms my heart. Oh & Baca too (even though he was Mr. Grumpy for part of the day).

I love it when my kids have crazy hair. I sure wish I had gotten a picture of when one of my kids in particular crawled into the fireplace and was covered from head to toe in soot. The little guy kind of looked like Bert the chimney sweep from Mary Poppins. The thing about it was then he ran into the white carpet & couch room. I guess I could go take a picture of the evidence that was left behind...ooops.