Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chic on a shoestring

I came across Caitlin's blog & when I saw one of her decorating projects she accomplished for $250.00 my jaw dropped. I love it when I see the creation of beautiful things that are done on a budget. I really believe it takes much more creativity to do budget decorating which in return creates an immense amount of satisfaction (at least for me). I thought it would be fun to break down the project to see how Caitlin accomplished this work of beauty. (refer below)

I love the below inspiration board that she put together while trying to meet the objective of the project. For more inspiration visit Caitlin's interior design blog here.

Here is what Caitlin so graciously shared about the project:

1. Headboard- DIY. There are great tutorials all over the internet about making headboards and I do it all the time. The wood was purchased at home depot for about $8. They can cut it to size for you and then I used a skill saw to cut the curves. You can do any design to get a custom look and once you have all the supplies the project only takes about 1-2 hours. All other supplies were bought at Joann's fabric. We used Yellow duck cloth for it's durability and added the nailhead to dress it up. The total for the wood, batting, fabric and nailhead was about $40. Once I had all that I just used my nail gun and hammer and voila!

2. Night stands. The old tv tables were already sitting around. At first I was really against using them but then I thought, hey we are on a budget and in my experience nightstands can be one of the hardest garage sale/thrift store finds. When you turn the tray table on their side you get the more architectural feeling with the x so we bought 2 cans of charcoal gray spray paint for $4 and got to work

3. Bedding. We loved the look of classic white hotel bedding but of course we also wanted pope of color. The Duvet was just from the hotel line at Bed Bath and Beyond for $60. The shams were purchased on clearance at T.J. maxx as a duvet set for $19 I used the duvet on a different project. The throw pillow was custom, sewn by me. I bought 2 yards of fabric for $16 at a quilting store and the insert was $5 at a local fabric store. The same fabric was used to reupholster the seat of the chair.

4. Chair-a thrift store find. $8 plus a can of green spray paint at $4. I love the shape of this chair.

5. Accessories-
art-since these were small we used clip art images off the internet. Vintage printables has some great ones. We spent $20 on frames at Michael's. We loved the look of the metal letters at Anthropologie but of course, way out of the budget so be bought a cardboard version at Joann's for $4 and went to work with the left over spray paint from the tray tables.

Lamps-thrift store find. They were ugly brown and brass but had a great shape. They cost $5 each from a local thrift store. After a $4 can of white spray paint and new lamp shades from target for $10 each they were as good as new. Lamps can easily be spray painted if they have a good shape so that is what I usually look for. I have about 8 lamps sitting in my garage. I think I have an addiction.

Suitcases-thrift store find for $7 for the set. The rain boots and cowboy boots were the clients own.

Green vase with daisies-thrift store $1
Green succulent pot- thrift store $1

In terms of budget I splurged on the rest of the accessories. The butterfly trays were from a store called Alice Lane Interiors. The tray cost $7 and there were actually a pair but we didn't photograph the other one.

The metal boxes were $10.95 at Z Gallerie.

The patterned boxes are actually note cards and matches. The notecards are from target for $7.95 and the matches I got on clearance for $1.50 at a gift shop in upstate New York.

We also purchased a small mirror from Home Goods for $20 that wasn't pictured and a few other accessories that brought the total to $250.

All I have to say is WOW...job well done. A big thank you to Caitlin for taking the time to share her project. I hope it will be as inspiring to everybody else as it was to me on creating a chic space on a shoe string budget. Does anybody else want to attempt creating a custom upholstered headboard now? Oh & does anybody else love those fun happy colors?


Mike and Debbie said...

wow, that's a great room. Decorating on a budget can be hard for some but I think for you and Caitlyn....well you make it look easy and fun.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Those are such amazing colors. I am in love!

nameisgrace said...

that room is adorable. definitely gonna make a run to our thrift store tomorrow. i'm addicted! thanks so much for sharing!

Marketing Unscrambled, learn to earn 14 said...

Now that was something to behold. What a wonderful job. There are so many ways to help your budget. Find different things around your home and see how they can be changed to look better and add to your life. It is fun to see what you can come up with and how to make it LOOK BETTER.Love the head board. So easy to do. They can look so nice as well.
Thank you for this post.

Dan and Deanna"Marketing Unscrambled"

laura said...

That is so inspiring! The room is amazing. And seriously, the A is cardboard?! I never would have known. LOVE it!!

stephanie said...

Love the green and using good old spraypaint to repurpose items. I am going to look for the trellis print on eBay for my dining room chairs--lovely and classic.

I am very inspired to go after my guest room now (walls covered with toddler wallpaper--my boys are now 9-years-old...)

Cheryl said...

I love those bright happy colors and your laundry room is adorable. You make me want to start a project at my house!

Jill said...

i loved the info in this post, caitlin is a rockstar. thanks for sharing.

Whitney said...

Something about that green makes me want to shout for joy. Love the room. Love the colors. Love the inspiration I now have to redo an area in my house. Im on a mission and a budget.

Scott Jensen said...

Is Caitlyn for real? Seriously that is HHHHHHHOT! I love all the happy colors and the vintage flare! Truly an inspiration!

Jami said...

I LOVE this. How did you know that I was planning this color combo for my hall bathroom?
Now I have so many more ideas. When it gets time to do the work, and planning, I will need your help! Seriously...I will call you!

Jami said...

I LOVE this. How did you know that I was planning this color combo for my hall bathroom?
Now I have so many more ideas. When it gets time to do the work, and planning, I will need your help! Seriously...I will call you!

Stacey Crewse said...

Love it! What great deals and what a fun happy room it is! It insipres me to do the same!

Thanks Christina for watching my babies....
you are amazing!!

Courtney Vance said...

I love white linens on a bed. Its a look that will clean up any room and the fabric design is so refreshing.

prashant said...

What great deals and what a fun happy room it is! It insipres me to do the same!

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LiveLikeYou said...

She puts the B in budget! Never seen such a chic look for so little money. Time to make headboards!

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