Sunday, July 26, 2009

The power of a sunburst necklace and the shoeless boys.

A WEAKNESS of mine consists of not being able to find any shoes especially when we are trying to get out the door to make it to 8:30AM church.

Sunday mornings are when I actually have the most propensity to be a grump. For some reason I have not mastered keeping track of kids shoes. Today when we left for church I was on the verge of just calling church off completely. I finally gave in & said, "Who needs shoes anyway?" Seriously my boys all came to church with just their socks on. As we were almost out the door I asked husband to comb the last little guys hair & when he came out this is what I beheld...

All of a sudden my mood lightened up immensely. I was taking life too seriously it seemed. It's a miracle we could even make it to church, let alone on time & that is what we were about to do if I didn't turn back now to fix poor little Elvis's hair. Husband was trying so hard to not laugh & just told me to let it go & leave the hairdo alone because that's how our son wanted it (you know since he can talk so clearly & last I checked a 2 year old boy really could care less). So really we walked into church only 1 minute late, found a nice comfy padded bench and every time I was feeling a little huffy puffy I just looked @ that boys hair and it made me chuckle. I wonder if anybody else in the congregation took note.

P.S. - I sold out and did end up fixing it right before I took him to nursery.

A STRENGTH of mine consists of being able to find humor in a situation on a drop of a dime.

Just a side note, I have been thinking about my Grandma lately. After she passed I swore I would do everything in my power to make her proud. She is an amazing women & when I think I can't do anymore it I often think of her & then for some reason I can. 

On the way out the door my little girl informed me that my dress wasn't very pretty. She's very particular & not a fan of the color brown. Of course considering she is only four my feelings really weren't hurt. I'm actually glad she has an opinion. I on the other hand happen to love the dress I was wearing because it reminds my again of Grandma. No it isn't one of hers but every time I wear that dress I always have to wear one of my most prized possessions...the gold sunburst necklace (and yes that was hers). I felt a little stronger today and I couldn't help but think if it were because of the necklace. Oh & of course I was glad I made it to church because it too seemed to lift me up & give me strength.

{top 2 photos taken by big "M"}


Little Beachs said...

I went to EFY with her like when we were like 16 or 17. shockingly we still keep in touch from time to time.

laura said...

I bet the congregation loved his hair. What a cutie he is!
And ps - I like your dress,
it's gorgeous and LOVE your necklace :-)

Cheryl said...

Your cute little boys hair made me laugh and think of yesterday at my house. We took Stacey's girls with us to church and I thought it was so hard getting ready with two little girls fixing hair, etc. I didn't really like what I wore and when I got out of the car Madison said in her sweet,adorable way that my necklace, my dress and shoes were so pretty. I was amazed at how one sweet little compliment from a three year old made me feel so uplifted. I love your pretty sunburst necklace too!

Laura Smith said...

I love that dress! you seem to always look great; considering i have never met you!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

You are beautiful. Love the dress AND the necklace. You are amazing, dah'ling.

Megan Lee said...

That's so funny. I bet God doesn't have a preference of shoes or no shoes, as long as you make to church :) Such a cute story.

Amy! said...

What a sweet sweet post! LOVE LOVE your dress.. I am such a sucker for a good vintage dress.. I have a little collection going :)

Aislinn said...

LOVE your dress! And that is such a great story about getting to church, I LOVE your attitude. :) That's the only way to make it through!!!

Whitney said...

Bridge-man was so cute with his hair slicked back! I loved it. and I was admiring your dress yesterday thinking you were so beautiful.

angela hardison said...

That dress is so great. And the fact that you took your boys to church with no shoes is the best thing I've heard all day :)

Mike and Debbie said...

We ought to nickname that little boy, elvis!! I thought he looked adorable.
It never ceases to amaze me how good you are at taking your own picture!!

lizawiza said...

Beautiful dress and beautiful necklace.

this blessed nest said...

i love that you are admitting what many wouldn't!!!

taking the boys to church with socks! i think it is great. just how many pairs of shoes does the viva full house own anyway? ;)

viva full house - viva 'elvis' little man. very fitting.

Annie said...

That dress was a great find. You'll continue to get a lot of milage out of it regardless of if Little M thinks it looks like poo-poo. You also have gotten a ton of milage out of that pin, turned necklace. It's one of your iconic pieces now that you have made part of you.
I too gain strength from Grandma. When I was in Brazil I was seriously hit one day with an impression that she was my guardian angel while I was over there. It hit me so strong that I knew it came straight from her...a tender mercy I desparately needed at the time.
And one word about Elvis and his Daddy...let the hair be. I've found that a dad always wins out on how the son's hair looks...just go with it. Look at the bright side: Elvis hairsyles are much more attractive (remember how well Adam Lambert on American Idol sported it?) than buzzed military haircuts that make your kid look like he is undergoing lukemia treatments (i.e. my one and only Vance).

Marketing Unscrambled, learn to earn 14 said...

It is wonderful to have things to help us remember those that are special to us and keep those things alive in us. From what we have seen she would be very pleased with you. Keep up the good work.

Keeping track of shoes can be difficult that is for sure. The boys did not mind at all. Love the Elvis look. That was great.

The Dress is lovely and the necklace as well.

Have a good day.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

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