Friday, March 27, 2009

My Happy Shop.

Sometimes I dream of having my own little shop. A cute little shop with striped awnings on a quaint little street lined with trees. I've found myself letting my little mind wander to that place more often.

Then I realized I already am living my dream. I am the owner of my very own little shop or shall we say the CEO of my my huge Fortune 500 company which happens to be the very best company to invest in {The HOME}. Life has been so good to us especially with all of the perfectly even sunshine our Spring has brought us. As I was switching out the St. Patrick's Day decor to Spring/Easter I had a brilliant idea to bring the dream of owning my own little shop to my home. Of course I had to make a banner and decided to use the word "Happy" (Happy spelled with one P that is because apparently I bought the very last P in all of the Valley). Spring is such a happy time as things are anew and there is such a feeling of rebirth. Speaking of birth we just had an addition to our family. Well not to my immediate family (PHEW) but my brother and his wife just brought Presley Denise into this world. What a miracle birth is.

Look how darling these girls (my girls) look in front of this cute flower shop.  Only appropriate to post this picture as it goes along with the post.

I've been completely obsessed with vintage trophy cups as of late.  I look for them at all of the thrift stores.  If you find one call me and we'll be best friends.  Well sometimes I go to the Dollar Store when I need some retail therapy (can't do too much damage there).  Also sometimes it's fun to see if I can be inspired by any of the items they sell there.  Well look what I found....50 trophies for ONE DOLLAR.  Once I covered them in glitter (glitter makes everything pretty) they worked perfect to hold the tissue paper flowers in the above happy banner.  I love the dollar store.

Ok so maybe those weren't exactly the trophies I was looking for but check these beauties out for inspiration.  

Speaking of inspiration..I would like to thank women who may be moms or may not be moms, women who I may know or may not know...Thank you for inspiring my everyday. Women are truly the secret weapon.


debra said...

i am itching to hit up some thrift stores...

it has been a couple of months and i am needed the minutes in there.

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said... refreshing.

i love your banners.

this one is simply delightful!

Shannon and Carey said...

mad dash to dollar store. lol

Liza said...

Horray for the dollar store! I also am a big fan of striped awnings. very cute.

Annie said...

You know that photo of me with the red stripes? It was a circus-like tent made out of the same stuff that ton of Korean have for store awnings. I love the stripes no matter how bold. Your paper banner is so darling and what you did with the dollar store trophies!!! Oh my, only you can turn something ordinary into extraordinary. I wish we could craft together.

Shannon and Carey said...

I zooooomed to the Dollar Tree yesterday. I got the trophys and the president heads. So fun! They had buses too which would be adorable! Oh I'm gonna have me some fun. Thanks for the idea!
-Shannon in Austin

Mary said...

That picture of Mailie and Maren is sooo cute! I miss those little tykes!

Marcy said...

I just discovered your very lovely blog. I too LOVE the treasures I find at the Dollar Store and Thrift stores. Your black and white striped awning is really cute and I've been wanting something like that in my house forever, but can't imagine up a way to create one without spending a fortune. Did you make yours? If so, could you please share how you did it? I would be so very grateful!