Monday, September 8, 2008

Just CUZ - Thanks for having the same grandparents

If you happen to be the other girl in the picture than you are probably one of my favorites. Thanks for sending me one of Grandma Maree's very special sugar cookies in the mail when I lived away, worried that I might be left out. Thanks for making the best cookies I've ever had. Thanks for visiting me in the hospital after I had the triplets and telling me I was not the only crazy one in the world. Thanks for being my therapist. Thanks for teaching me how to act @ the dances (remember the 5 minute rule?) Thanks for knowing what I'm thinking before I even say it. Thanks for liking candy but then doing 200 crunches after we stuffed our faces. Thanks for letting me think that I am funny even when I'm not. Thanks for some of the hardest laughs I've ever had and thanks for going to dinner the other night.


Liza said...


Liza said...

I love Amy!

Annie said...

She's the crown gem of the family. I think you should also thank her for that little nightgown too.

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